Earning money online is desire for everyone who is using internet and specially if there is a chances for earn money online without investment on internet that sounds very good so here in this post you can see some proven ways to how to make money online on internet without paying any amount check post for more details.

Internet is source of knowledge learning earning and also for entertainment day by day internet users increasing and its also true people are earning online enough and some time more than regular jobs and also here is the some methods for earning money on internet with your skills you can do it in your spare time and start earning money on net using your pc.


Earning money via online paid survey sites is also easy task just you have to sign up on survey site and you have to give your opinion in survey when you finish survey you will rewarded survey amount and there is some genuine and trusted survey site list here where you can see details more about online Paid survey site work this is work from home. So in this way you can make money online without investment.

Online Writing Work from Home:

This online work is easy and interesting for those who are passionate about writing and good English knowledge because content is required for websites and webmaster are always looking for fresh and unique content for their websites and update their site with fresh content and many sites offering content writing services you can register site like iwriter, triond and Elance and many more sign up on this site and start earning online make sure you will have to write quality content without any grammatically error you can get paid $5 to $20 per article start writing and start making money online without any investment with article writing work.

Online Data Entry Typing Work:

IF you are interested to earn money online from data entry typing jobs then we found some sites which offers genuine online captcha solving typing jobs where you can earn money by solving captcha word and also no investment required to join this sites and earning money online wit this quite easy but you need some good high typing speed and good internet speed check megatypers and protypers for it they are offering typing online work from home.

Make Money online by blogging from home:

Earning money online from blogging Is also good ideas and many full time bloggers Is making 10 times higher income then regular 9 to 5 jobs for this you required hard work some basic knowledge about blogging , web design , seo and content writing skills you have to provide useful content and information to your website visitor and for this learn basic about blogging from sites like shoutmelod and also learn about blogger and wordpress and once you create sites publish post on it and regularly update it once you start receiving traffic you can monetize it with google adsense and some affiliate program.

Be a Freelancer and earn money online from home:

You can earn money online as a freelancer if you have not fix schedule and planning to earn money online then you should try to work on some freelancing sites like freelancer, fiverr, odesk and mturk because the main benefit for these site is no time restriction anytime you can do it and you can choose task according to your skills in freelancing sites there is task available like finish survey, sign up offers, playing games online finishing offers, paid email sending and read gig , website designing and seo services and also language translation and many more services available which you can finish and earn money online

Online Part Time Jobs Affiliate Marketing From Home

You can do affiliate marketing online also some people are earning money offline from affiliate and also now people have already started affiliate marketing online and earning higher then offline affiliate marketing if you are college students and looking for some genuine and legitimate online jobs for college students then you should try this affliate marketing you can check some affiliate sites like Amazon, Clickbank, CJ.com maxbounty, clikbank, flipkart and many more where you can earn money online you can see more details about affiliate marketing know more about affiliate marketing here on wikihow.

Here on this post you read about how to earn money online from internet without investment try this proven and tested ways remember it takes some time and there is no quick rich scheme for making money online comment and share this post like this article.

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Email marketing is very powerful medium to reach out more audience in very effective, creative and productive way. However, your chosen email marketing service plays an important role in your online marketing success. GetResponse and VerticleResponse are two big guns providing software for email marketing. Now, we have the question raised, which one is better for your business? To get answer read on the comparison below GetResponse vs VerticleResponse.

Look and Feel

The hidden agenda behind creating eye catchy email templates is to find wider audience online and 100% click ratio.Of course, both sites have huge collection of beautiful responsive email templates which you can use for your business online marketing campaign.With VerticleResponse you will get traditional tools to customize your email creator, on the other hand GetResponse introduces new feature called “Just Click” to enhance the email editing experience for their users.

GetResponse has user friendly options like advance editing, you can even browse history and also can undo changes. Such powerful functions make it premium email marketing service in compare to others like VerticleReponse. Winner is GetResponse.


VerticleResponse can never beat GetResponse in the matter of functionalities. With VerticleResponse email marketing service you will get good looking sign up forms match to your business, autoresponders, and amazing social network integration options etc. While on the other hand GetResponse provides below functions:

  • Landing page creator
  • Beautiful sign up forms
  • Surveys
  • Inbox previews
  • Multimedia Studio
  • Videos

Multimedia Studio and Videos on new landing pages are like icing on the top and seems like X-factor for your successful email marketing strategies. Winner is GetResponse.


GetResponse is slightly cost you more than VerticleResponse. If you compromise with functionality and looking for cheaper in price email marketing service then VerticleReponse is the best option for you as they are offering free subscribers up to 1000 in their basic plan. However, if you choose to paid annually then GetResponse seems little cheaper than VerticleReponse. Winner is VerticleResponse.

Large Enterprise Solutions

Are you looking for powerful email marketing software on behalf of large company or for you to maintain personal millions of contacts? If yes, then GetResponse is the best premium option available for you. They provide advanced feature called “GetResponse 360” especially for large enterprise solutions. It allows to get control over emails for marketers, you have been also provided with priority option which enable you to get first response in compare to regular customers of GetResponse. This featured rich email marketing services have been used by some well-known brands like Marriot, Carrefour, GlaxoSmithKline, Hilton iStockphoto, and Men’s Health which build more trust in itself.

With VerticleReponse you will get enterprise features like high scalability, developer features, flexible pricing plans, etc. Winner is GetResponse.

Device Support

Today, mobile users are increasing in compare to desktop users and thus as an online marketing professional we should choose only one email marketing service which supports all types of platforms like Android, iPhone, Web-based. GetResponse can help you to cover all audience no matter which screen (mobile, iPad or desktop) they are using. VerticleResponse is web-based and thus get minus points in device support. Winner is GetResponse.
Thus, GetResponse go little far way and provides next-level corporate solutions which are highly professional and user friendly. Of course, it seems little costly email marketing service; but accuracy and success are guaranteed with GetResponse.

GetResponse provides a bulk of useful features for your email marketing campaigns. I do not see such excellent features in any other email marketing service. Based on the above, our clear winner is GetResponse simply because its features go beyond the basic autoresponder/mass mailout tool and far outweighs the price point in this comparison.

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Are you looking for a Free Directory Submission List? That’s good. Directory submission process is always been done by web masters or SEOs for link building. There are some Free Directory Submission Sites exits which can give you do-follow backlinks. Google always loves do-follow backlinks so it helps to boost your site ranking in SERP. Here I have listed Top 100 High PR Free Directory Submission Sites. Use these free Directory Submission sites is proper or natural way that can increase your organic traffic.

Benefits Of Submitting Site in High PR Directory Submission Sites:

  1. Dofollow directory submission sites helps to improve ranking in SERP
  2. Backlinks from high pr free dofollow directory sites helps to get good Page Rank and Domain Authority.
  3. You can get high quality backlinks from free directory submission sites with high pr.
  4. Directory submission sites helps to increase organic traffic.

Directory Submission Rules And Guidelines To Follow:

  1. Never submit your site in adult sites.
  2. Do not submit site that doesn’t follow Google webmaster guidelines. e.g child pornography, fraud, copyright destruction vulgarity directories etc.
  3. Directory should not display attempt to download ads or pop up ads.
  4. Directory site must be in English.
  5. Directory submission site should be completed (not under construction).
  6. Write quality title and description for your site.
  7. Always choose relevant category while submitting your site.

List Of Best Free Directory Submission Sites For Australia


Other List Of Best Free Directory Submission Sites

S.N  Site Name  PR

1 Sitepromodirectory 7
2 Highrankdirectory 7
3 Abc-Directory 7
4 Submissiondirectory 6
5 Marketingdirectory 6
6 Siteswebdirectory 6
7 Usalistingdirectory 6
8 Ukinternetdirectory 6
9 Gmawebdirectory 6
10 Dizila 6
11 Promote business 6
12 Somuch 5
13 A1Webdirectory 5
14 Obln 5
15 Addurl 5
16 Ellysdirectory 5
17 Splut 5
18 TeamSuperBad.com 4
19 Prolinkdirectory 4
20 Tsection 4
21 9Dir 4
22 Livepopular 4
23 Onlinesociety 4
24 Pegasusdirectory 4
25 1Websdirectory 4
26 Synergy-Directory 4
27 Gainweb 4
28 Ananar 4
29 Pakranks 4
30 247Webdirectory 4
31 Free-Url-Submit 4
32 W3Catalog 4
33 Rdirectory 4
34 Picktu 4
35 Directory-Free 4
36 9Sites 4
37 Businessseek 4
38 Submitlinkurl 4
39 Acewebdirectory 4
40 Baikalglobal 4
41 Elitesitesdirectory 4
42 Momsdirectory 4
43 The-Web-Directory 4
44 Happal 4
45 Puppyurl 4
46 Ranaf 4
47 The-Free-Directory 4
48 Huttodirectory 4
49 Aoldir 4
50 Submission4U 4
51 Cipinet 4
52 Busybits 4
53 Yoofindit 4
54 Addbusiness 4
55 Bedwan 4
56 Digabusiness 4
57 Wwwi 4
58 Directoryseo 4
59 Thalesdirectory 4
60 Freewebdirectory 4
61 Generalshopping 4
62 Link777 4
63 Eslovar 4
64 Exospy 4
65 H-Log 4
66 Freshtv 4
67 Jewana 4
68 Itzalist 4
69 Seeknit 4
70 Bari 4
71 Yesitsfree 4
72 Net-Sleuth 4
73 Net-Dir 4
74 Unleadeddigital 4
75 Directmylink 3
76 Packages-Seo 3
77 Intelseek 3
78 Wldirectory 3
79 Diroo 3
80 Blahoo 3
81 Alistdirectory 3
82 Business-Finder 3
83 Freedirectory 3
84 Hydeparkbooks 3
85 milliondirectory 3
86 Secondsystems 3
87 Allstatesdirectory 3
88 Linkroo 3
89 General business 3
90 Seoseek 3
91 Usawebdirectory 3
92 Vizem 3
93 Seodirectoryonline 3
94 Freetopdirectory 3
95 Tmaonline 3
96 Enforum 3
97 Directoryint 3
98 Triplewdirectory 3
99 Linkpedia 3
100 Snapcc 3

Submit your site to above listed free directory submission sites and get top ranking in search engines. So use free directory submission sites list to get quality links. If you like this list then please share it with your friends and on social media.

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