Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Versus S6

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stands out as a new smartphone that is marketed like one that is a lot better than other smartphones but the truth is that there are not many differences that appear when compared with the Galaxy S6 but those that appear may be enough to warrant the over $100 extra price tag. It comes to the table with really well-rounded features and some extra high performing hardware items.
The main reason why you would choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge over the S6 is design aesthetics and practical functionality that is added to the screen of the smartphone. They will not bring in some killer apps but for some people out there this is definitely more than enough.
Those that are fiscal conservatives are going to want to put in the extra cash to move up towards the Galaxy S6’s 128 or 64 GB capabilities in the event that you are not tempted by the supple shape modification you see in the Edge. Both options are really good and the price addition is practically the same. Everything does boil down to what you want: design or more storage space.
We should also add that the photographs that will be taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are going to be wider because of the display. This is advantageous and the quality is the same that you would expect with the S6.
Marketing campaigns will get you thinking that there is a new cutting edge technology that is included in the smartphone and while there are definitely some differences that appear, the curved design and the wider photographs stand out as the main reasons why you would want to buy the new Edge model from S6. Just go to a store and do see the device in action so that you can see if the extras are enough for you.
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