Tips To Save More Battery Power On Android Phone and Tablet

Because of  many engaging features everyone enjoys using smartphone and tablets. These smart features require more power that makes Android device battery to drain quickly, it  hardly lasts for a day on average use other than making calls. This is not just the problem of android device but the problem of devices of other platforms like iOS , Blackberry and Windows phone as well

1. Turn off Auto Updates of Android Apps

Android Apps keeps on updating regularly and consumes lot of battery power. Disabling auto updates can help in saving lot of power.  Its good to have updated apps on your smartphone or tablet to get the latest features  and security fixes. But many apps update without permission. You can manually update selective apps at your comfort and save batter power also.  To turn off auto update of apps go to Google Play.  Tap the menu button located at the top right hand side of the screen in older android version or the top left in the new versions and select ‘Settings’.

Tap the auto update apps option. A pop up will appear from where you will be able to turn off auto update.

2. Remove unnecessary Apps

There are millions of free apps on Google play store. Many times we install the apps which are of no use to us and we also forget to uninstall them. Most of these apps keeps running in background thereby draining the battery. You can uninstall such apps by going to settings and then selecting applications on your Android device.

3. Close apps properly

Many people close the apps by hitting the home button only, but that actually doesn’t close the app. It continues running in the background. Many times even  hitting the back button doesn’t close the app. You can check the task manager to find out which apps are active in the memory. From there you can easily close the apps which you don’t have to use.

4. Avoid Antivirus programs

Anti virus apps continuously runs on the android device. They eats up lot of battery and also slows down the device. All android apps which you download from Google play store are free from malwares and if you don’t do financial transactions, don’t use third party apps and don’t store unnecessary executable files other than  photo videos or office documents then you don’t need any anti virus app at all. If you want you can install any light weight anti virus program. Do not install more than one security app otherwise your battery will drain quickly.

5. Keep home screen clean

Many of us keeps lot of widgets on the home screen. These widgets not only occupy too much space of home screen but also remain active in the memory always consuming battery. Try to have minimum widgets on your home screen to improve battery

6. Turn off location services

If you don’t travel much to new places and don’t use navigation services like Google maps then turn off the location services. Otherwise the location apps continuously keeps locating your location thereby draining the battery.

7. Turn off mobile data

Mobile data if on also consumes lot of battery. Many apps also keep running because your phone connected to internet. Turning off mobile data when not in use can help in saving battery power.

Additional Checks

Adjust Screen brightness

More screen brightness also eats up battery power. You can keep the brightness levels to around 50% . If you need more brightness specially in low light conditions that time you can increase it.

Reduce Screen timeout

Screen timeout is the time interval after which the screen turns off due to inactivity. For optimum battery timeout interval should be minimum. You can keep it around 20 seconds.

Data Mode

Many times we keep then phone in 3G mode even when we are using 2G data only. In this situation the phone keeps searching for 3G signal and consumes extra power. You can easily select the right mode from the settings. If you are using 2G then turn it to 2G mode only.

Check Apps battery usage

From the settings you can find out which apps are using what percent of battery. You can close the apps which you don’t require to save the battery

Camera Usage

If your battery is going out of power then use of camera should be avoided. Camera and its flash consumes lot of battery.
These tips won’t multiply the lasting time of the battery but will definitely help to get the maximum long last battery backup. Apart from the above tips you can also install apps like Juice defender, Battery guru that helps you to easily and automatically perform the above mentioned battery saving tasks. If you have any more suggestion to improve battery life of android device then do let us know in comments.
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