The Ten Best Golfing Apps for a Smartphone or Tablet

Golf has been frustrating and enchanting people since the the 15th century. With over 500 years of history, golf has evolved with the times. From wound feather balls to the best four piece golf balls. From persimmon drivers to the modern 460cc driver heads. From grass greens to the ever more popular modern 3D grass greens. Golf is constantly changing. Modern smartphones and tablets are now part of daily life and these devices offer some great apps for the golfing enthusiast. These are ten of the best apps to help with your golfing fix.

Swing By Swing Golf App

The Swing By Swing app is an all around GPS rangefinding app. It is simply one of the best GPS apps available to the golfer. The golf course database has thousands of courses around the world with accurate distances. There are golf tips for on course situations and even lessons from the professionals. Great as a free app but amazing with some of the paid features.

iPing Putting App

“Drive for Show, Putt for Dough.” Consistent putting is the best way to improve any persons score on the course. Ping is one of the top manufacturers of putters in the industry and their new app delivers. This app turns any iPhone into a putting stroke analyzer. The app instantly displays the tempo, stroke type, and impact angle. By analyzing these three metrics, the app computes the golfers consistency. A consistent golf stroke eventually leads to draining more putts.

USGA Rules of Golf App

I know that the rules of golf can be pretty overbearing, but the beauty of golf is that the rules are a religion to the game. Knowing the rules and enforcing the rules will make the game that much more pure and enjoyable in the long run. With so many rules to the game, this app allows golfers to look up any sticky rules situation while on the course and find the proper ruling.

GolfLogix GPS App

GolfLogix is the ultimate gaming app for people looking to track their stats and performance on the course. This app has over 4,000 courses and many more available for download. Golfers can track their handicap, score, club selection, and stats from every round. If your looking to improve your game, this GPS will definitely let you know what skills need improvement on the course.

Tiger Woods My Swing App

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in history. He has an amazing swing that has lead to his 14 major championship victories. The Tiger Woods My Swing app lets people record their swing and then compare it to Tiger Woods swing. The app will then recommend tips from Tiger to help improve the plane consistency, tempo, and power of your swing.

V1 Golf App

This is hands down the best swing analyzer among apps. The V1 allows golfers to compare their swing to over 50 tour professionals of their choice. They can even send their video to a PGA Pro for one on one analysis. The slow motion technology helps pin point errors in the swing. Anyone can record multiple swings and store them in the virtual locker. Months or years later they can can compare their old and new swing. Also, the app will suggest the best swing improvement tools to help your game.

Nike Golf 360 App

The Nike Golf 360 app does a lot of things good, but nothing really great. This is the perfect app for someone who wants a bunch of features in a one stop shop to help improve their game. Golfers can get course information, track their on course stats, send their swing to a professional, and view the latest exercises to strengthen their game.

Golfshot Golf GPS

Every serious golfer wants to know the distance to every feature and hazard on the course. Devices like the SkyCaddie will cost around $200, but the Golfshot GPS is only $30. It has over 40,000 courses in the database. This app is perfect for anyone that needs accurate distances to every feature and some help with their on course management.

Golf Channel App

The Golf Channel App is great for getting all the latest information on anything related to golf. It provides the latest scores and videos from tournaments around the world and even has tips from the pros. If you are looking for a new place to play, it will recommend some great courses. You will never miss out again by having the Golf Channel app on your phone or tablet.

GolfNow App

Have you ever arrived at the course without a tee time. Most of the time you will wait around for hours before getting to play. The GolfNow app will make sure you never waste your time again. This app allows golfers to book tee times at over 4,000 courses and even finds the course that is closest to your location.
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