Comindware Tracker: The Perfect Package for BPM

It’s not an easy task for any organization to maintain its workflow effectively with the ever changing business environment. To make the things easier and comfortable many organizations have  started using business process management(BMP). Business process is a sequence of activities that are planned and executed with a specific organizational goal.
BPM helps in reducing human errors and miscommunication problems between people involved in a particular task. It act as a point of contact between the line of business and the IT department. BPM automates the business process with the use of information technology. To make effective use of BMP its necessary for any organization to use right software. Comindware Tracker is one such quality BPM software which is helping thousands of organizations to simplify the complex business process management tasks. Cominware’s patented award winning elastic data technology provides greater flexibility and support to unpredictable business processes that are by design impossible to automate with traditional BPM systems. It also offers some special mentioned below features that you won’t find in other BPM software.
  • Support unpredictable business processes
  • Flexible to adapt Comindware Tracker to your processes
  • Processes can be updated when it is required without any redeployment process
  • Visual drag-and-drop Workflow builder. No programming required
  • Robust analytics with the data presented the way you need
Team Task Management with Comindware Tracker
Comindware Tracker offers excellent features to mange tasks  for the teams . It lets you manage to do list along with team tasks.  You can manually create and assign individual tasks when needed, as well as automatically generate workflow tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities. It also allows you to create unlimited sub tasks, so that you can easily assign work among the team mates and everyone can know what to do and when to do. You can also schedule recurring tasks to be created automatically, or easily reassign tasks when required. Progress of tasks can be tracked in real time. Comindware provides a full change history on each task. For any update you get automatic notifications
Work Flow Management
Comindware allows streamline workflow automation with tasks. Processes can be executed as a sequence of tasks. Once a previous workflow step is completed new tasks can be assigned automatically to the right person. Apart from pre defined rules, it lets you define individual time- and condition-based workflow transitions and notifications. Comindware lets you involve right team members into a process. You can allow or deny a certain transition, or calculate field values using Comindware Expression language. You can also create forms with any layout and fields to collect all data needed for successful process execution.
Cloud Benefits
You also get cloud benefits with Comindware Tracker. The date is safely stored at Amazon cloud servers and you don’t require any installation and maintenance hassle.
Connect with other systems
With the use of comindware web based APIs you can integrate Comindware Tracker with any third party service. Whether it’s CRM, ERP, IT help desk or any other system, you can easily exchange data between different applications and Comindware Tracker.

Because of the above mentioned and many unmentioned features Comindware Tracker has became a popular choice for Business Process Management. You can try and test everything as you get 30 days trail offer.
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