Enable Selective Plugin Loading To Make Your Blog Faster

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because of its rich library of plugins, which lets you build almost any kind of website on this platform. We use lots of plugins for lots of different tasks on our WordPress blog. Each plugin has some impact on the load time of the blog.  More plugins means more load time.  We all know how important is it to have a faster site as now Google gives preference to faster loading websites in search engine result page (SERP)
There are many plugins which are not required on every post or page. Like the contact form plugin which is used only on the contact page, but its script loads on every page load. The related post plugins are not required on home page and other pages, the image gallery plugins are also not required on every page, like wise there are many other plugins that are not required on every post and page. Such plugin increases the load time as their script runs on every page load.
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There is a free WordPress plugin called Plugin Organizer which you can use to enable selective plugin loading to make your blog fast.  You can disable the plugins which are not required on certain types of posts and page to improve the load time of your blog.  This plugin also allows you to set the loading order of various plugins, which also helps in optimizing the site further.  I used this plugin on one of my education blog, after disabling some quiz plugin, contact form and some other plugin for the posts which doesn’t uses it, I was able to improve the load time. You can see from the GTMetrix test report of a particular post, after I organized the plugins.

Setting up Plugin Organizer

From you WordPress dashboard select ‘Settings’ and then Plugin Organizer.  Enable selective page loading and check the page and post under the ‘custom post type support’
From the plugin filters tab select ‘Global Plugins’ and disable the plugins which are used on specific posts and page only.

Selectively Enabling Plugins on Posts and Pages

Now go to the specific page or post where that plugin is required and enable that plugin selectively for that page only. You can find the selective ‘enable plugins’ options below the post editor. You can do this kind of setting with the pages like contact pages where we generally use contact form plugin and that plugin is required only on the contact page.

Setting up the loading order of plugins

Another awesome feature of this plugin is that is allows you to change the order in which the plugins are loaded. This feature is also very helpful in cutting the load time. You  can degrade the load priority of plugins like YARPP or any other related plugin you use to load at the last. As visitors first see the main content and related posts at the last it can be loaded at the last. Likewise you can make the most important plugin to load first and less important at the last.
To order the plugins, go to the plugin manager from your dashboard and simple drag and drops the plugins to order them. Drag the most important ones to the top.  It also provides the grouping feature which you can use to group the plugins and apply your desired filters on the group of plugins

It’s a little time consuming task and you have to do many permutation and combination to get the best settings for your plugins for the best loading time.
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