The Best Apps For The iPhone 5s

The biggest news about the iPhone 5s was its new M7 motion co-processor, which assists the A7 chip, which not only measures and tracks motion data, it also keeps the information handy to any apps that might use it. It is perfect for fitness and lifestyle apps, and can be a great boon to future app developers who can use the data to create new apps. All that data can eat into your smartphone plan, though, so check with your carriers like Sprint, Virgin Mobile, or Straight Talk to make sure you have the right plan for you. Once you have finished doing that, come back and install these apps on your new iPhone 5s:
1. Argus 
ARGUS is not your normal step-tracking app. You can use it to track a bunch of things, from running and driving, to counting your calories and tracking your coffee and tea intake. It costs $1.99 in the App Store, but once you have installed it, you will no longer have any excuses for backsliding on your diet.
2. Infinity Blade III
Are you a hardcore gamer? You will love Infinity Blade III, which takes advantage of the iPhone 5s 64-bit graphics for a stunning gaming experience. This new and final version of the game has a new playable character while keeping the gameplay intact. At $6.99, it is a bit pricy, but worth it if you really love gaming and beautiful graphics.
3. 123D Creature Show
Download for free 123 Creature Show, which as 3D modeling iOS app from Autodesk. Using this iPhone app, you can design your very own monster, animal or creature, and add fur, skin, or feathers. Once completed, save the image, or have it 3D printed onto an actual model. Of course, all of this takes some serious processing power, and the A7 chip makes everything run as smoothly as if you were making the same creation on your desktop.
4. Fancy Yourself
Fancy yourself the next Beyonce or Pink? Check out Sing! Karoake By Smule, which lets you sing along to your favorite song. You can also add a bunch of vocal effects to transform yourself into the next opera diva or pop singer. The app is currently free, and there is a premium subscription available if you want to access the full song catalog. You can choose to pay $2.99 a week, $7.99 monthly, or $39.99 annually.
5. Pixlr Express Plus
It is no secret that Autodesk makes some of the best image and graphics apps around. With the free Pixlr Express Plus app, users can edit their photos directly on the phone. The app is packed with editing tools, where you can do everything from removing red eyes to balancing colors to lightening up areas of an image.
6. djay2
Are you the hottest DJ around? Show off your skills with the djay2 app, which costs $2. Spin your own mixes of your favorite songs from your iPhone’s music collection. Use the new Harmonic Match feature to create “harmonic mashups” and transpose other songs in the same key and pitch over each other.
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