Fixing Unable to Create Directory uploads Is its parent directory writable?

Recently after changing the hosting server. I came across a strange problem with my WordPress blog. I was not able to upload any images and getting the below error.
Unable to create directory uploads/2013/11. Is its parent directory writable by the server?
On Googleling I got various solutions to fix this problem but unfortunately nothing worked. All those solutions were related to directory permission issue, which was not the case with my problem, because of which it didn’t worked. This problem is caused due to wrong directory path or when WordPress doesn’t have permission to write in the ‘upload’ directory. Here I am giving you two solutions to this problem. I had the wrong directly path problem and the first solution worked for me.
1. Correcting the path of Upload directory
On the previous host, that blog was installed at the root directory, the path to upload directory was
but on the new host the blog was not installed on the root directory and the path to uploads folder was
Because of this path mismatch WordPress was not able to write to the uploads folder and I was getting the Unable to create directory upload error.
From the WordPress dashboard. I went to Settings->Media

and changed the folder path to just wp-content/uploads this solved the problem. In the new version of WordPress this option is not available. You can use the WordPress plugin  WP Original Media path to get the option to update the path.
2. Change Upload Folder Permissions
Many WordPress plugins and scripts can change the upload folder permission. To update the permission, go to the File Manager from the cPanel. Select the Wp-content folder and change the permission settings to 775. You can find the change permission button at the top. After changing the permission try uploading from WordPress again. If it does not work then try changing it to 777. If that also didn’t work then change the permission of wp-contents/uploads in the same manner. It should fix the problem.
If those solutions didn’t work then try contacting your host. It might be possible that the  disk space allocated to you by your host has been used up, and as a result you are prevented from uploading more files.
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