Facebook’s Zuckerberg Trashes Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg, the famous founder of Facebook, apparently trashed Twitter after he attempted to buy it and the deal didn’t come together, according to the Huffington Post. In a society that loves friendly competition almost, but not quite, as much as unfriendly competition, this real world drama unfolding before the social media world is likely to grab some attention.
The Huffington Post quoted from a book called Hatching Twitter, which grabbed the Zuckerberg quote from close friends. He apparently told them, “It’s such a mess, it’s as if they drove a clown car into a gold mine and fell in.”
Apparently, the quote was uttered within the last few years. Although, to some extent, Twitter is getting the last laugh as the social media war hits Wall Street. When Facebook made its IPO, or initial public offering, it took a nosedive and didn’t get back to its $38 IPO price until July. Twitter, meanwhile, opened at $26 per share and closed its first day at almost $43 per share. It closed last week at nearly $44 per share, so it’s still on an upward trend.
Which Social Media Site is Best For You?
At the end of the day, which social media site is better for you and your business is a more important question than who will win a war of words or a Wall Street showdown. That really depends upon your specific business and the types of people that you are targeting. As a result, it’s important that you look into the demographics on various social media sites to try to figure out which ones you should be using the most and incorporating into your marketing strategy.
Of course, at the end of the day, you should probably have a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. They do involve different strategies, as Twitter relies on short, quick messages (though you can send 140+ characters tweets) and they should be instantly relevant. For example, people tend to tweet a lot during specific, major events. If you hop on Twitter during a major sporting event, election, award show or series finale, the activity will be enormous. On a smaller scale, people tend to tweet a lot during any sports event or popular television show, so you should try to implement that into your strategy. You should be able to pick events or shows based upon your target demographics and then tie them into your business in whatever ways you can.
 Facebook, meanwhile, is more geared toward sharing articles, posts and longer information that is relevant for a longer period of time. You can get traction on something that you share for a couple of days, so it should not be something that is only relevant for a short period of time, like on Twitter.
 Once you begin to understand the different strategies for the two sites, you should be well on your way to social media success. Then it’s all about keeping an eye out for new developments and trends in the social media world.
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