Tablet Vs Laptop Vs Desktop Computer Which One Is Best For You?

Tablet vs laptop vs desktop computer which is better and which one is right for me ? This question is hitting the mind of many people who are planning to buy a new computer. Be it a tablet or laptop or desktop computer, each has its pros and cons. Before buying anything one should therefore carefully understand his/her requirement. You should not simply buy any device just because your friends are buying. In this post we will try to see the advantages and disadvantages of tablet laptop and desktop computers and will try to figure out which one is more suitable for your requirement.
 Before buying any device you should ask few questions to yourself regarding your needs.
Question 1. Do you work at multiple locations ?
This is the very important question that you must ask to yourself. The choice of the device depends on the answer of this questions. Are you a highly mobile person who works at office, home and even in the car while on the road ? Are you the kind of person who needs computer always ? Do you need a highly portable and secure device ? OR Do you work mainly at office and occasionally at home or when on the road ? If the answer to these questions is no, then you don’t need tablet or laptop, desktop PC is right for you. If the answer is yes then a laptop or tablet will be right for you. Which one exactly we will tell you soon.
Now after answering the first question you will be able to know what exactly you need, a portable device like a tablet and laptop or a desktop computer. Let us know try to decide between a tablet and laptop.

Tablet Vs Laptop Which is right for you ?

So far you have understood that you need a portable device. Let us now go through few more questions to finalize our choice.  Do you need a large screen device which you can connect with different peripheral devices ? OR you just need a touch friendly device which you can use while standing or sitting ? If you need a large screen device that can be connected with other peripheral devices then you should go for a laptop. If you need a touch friendly device you can go with the tablet or the 2 in 1 device.

Ultrabook or Laptop

Do you need a light weight device ? Do you need more battery life device ? Do you need highly responsive device ? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should go for ultrabook otherwise a laptop is a very good option for you. A laptop and a ultrabook gives you the same computing power. The difference comes mainly in terms of battery life and weight, for which you have to pay extra. Laptop is quite affordable than ultrabook that can well suits to your needs.
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Tablet or Hybrid Laptop Tablet

If you need a touch screen device with keyboard option then hybrid laptop-tablet can be a good choice for you. It will give some benefits of PC and better battery life and performance features. You can use it both as a tablet and as a PC. These device will be little costly. Hybrid device will be good if you are a highly mobile person who needs keyboard support for better typing.

All in one PC or the Desktop PC ?

As we have already discussed above if you work from a fix location then desktop PC is the right option for you. Now in the segment of desktop PC we have the option of All in one PC also which is little expensive comparing to traditional desktop PC. All in one PC combines display and computer into single unit. They are more stylish and also comes with the option of touch screen. They also require less space and reduces desk clutter. The only disadvantage with them is that do not support wide range of peripheral devices and also their hardware cannot be upgraded easily. Therefore, if space is not a concern for you and you like connecting wide range of peripheral devices and ease of up-gradation is important for you then you should go for tradition desktop PC. Otherwise All in one PC which is sleek, stylish and more attractive should be right for you.

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Conclusion: I hope this post on  Tablet Vs Laptop Vs Desktop  will help you to select the right device for your needs. I you still have any questions do ask in comments.
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