How To Restrict Someone From Seeing Your Facebook Activity

Do you know your facebook activity can create a bad impression about you among your friends?  Do you know facebook profile can affect your admission into college ? In today’s world most of your connected people are on social networks like facebook, twitter or linkedin, be it your friends, relatives, co worker, you can find most of your connected people on facebook. If you have not adjusted the privacy settings of your facebook account, then by default all your activity on facebook is visible to everyone. If you make any comment on any post on facebook, that appears in your friend’s news feed, if you like any status update, link, picture or any post,  that also appears in your friends news feed. In short all your friends can know what you are doing on facebook. 
Imagine you are a college student  having facebook account. You have your colleagues, your college faculty, your relatives, your girlfriend and your real friends in your facebook friend list. You like and comment on some naughty picture on facebook and it goes in the news feed of your relatives and teachers. What they will think about you ? You make some negative comment about any of your senior on some post and it goes in the news feed of your seniors connected to you on facebook. All this can bring trouble to you. Most of us accepts friend request from anyone, and many times we also sends friend request to strangers just to increase the friend count. Having more unknown friends on facebook makes your personal information vulnerable. Right privacy setting is therefore very important. In this post we will see how to restrict someone on facebook and to set a limit on what others can see about you on facebook.
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How to restrict strangers ?
By default your posts on facebook are public. That means one who is not in your friend list can also see your status updates and the pictures and videos that you have shared on facebook. Do you want strangers to see those things on your profile ? If not then go the the privacy settings and hit the “who can see my stuff? ” option. Select the option ‘friends’ there. This will hide all your posts from those who are not in your friend list.

How to restrict someone from seeing other’s post on your timeline?
Facebook allows others to post on your timeline. They can post directly on your wall or they can indirectly post on your wall by tagging you in their post. You can restrict someone on facebook from seeing what others are posting on your timeline. For that go to the privacy settings and select the timeline and tagging option. Under ‘who can see things on my timeline’ you can find ‘Who can see your post you’ve been tagged on in your timeline ‘ and ‘who can see what others post on your timeline’  make it ONLY ME. This will make others post on your timeline visible to you only.

How to restrict someone  on facebook from sending you friend request and messages?
A good number of spammers are active on facebook who sends unwanted messages. Many people also sends friend request to strangers. The older version of facebook allows you to completely disable the option for friend request and messaging, but unfortunately current version does not have this option. Though you can’t completely disable it but you can limit certain people from messaging and sending you friend request.  Under the privacy setting shortcut click on ‘who can contact me ?’ There you will get the option to restrict certain group of people from sending you friend request and messaging you.

How to prevent your likes, comments and other activity from appearing in your friend’s news feed?
Well this is a tricky thing to do as there is not direct option for this. To stop your likes and comment activity from appearing in your friend’s news feed you have to hide your friends. When your friends are hidden from other friends, your activity on your friends posts will not appear in your other friends news feed. To hide your friends list Go into privacy settings. Under the subtitle “who can see my stuff” there is a section called “review all your posts and things you are tagged in”. Click on the link USE MY ACTIVITY LOG.

This will take you to a new page. On the left side of the page there is a column with different categories (photos, likes, comments, etc.). Expand the column and click on the link “friends”. In the top right corner, just underneath you profile picture, there are two little buttons that allow you to choose who can see your friend list and where your friending activity appears.

How to restrict your posts from some people? 
By clicking the small globe button you can limit the visibility of your posts to selected friends. You can also select the friends whom you don’t want the post to be visible by choosing the custom option.

This option is not so good when you have to hide the post from many people, because you have to type and select each of your friend. A better way to deal with this situation is to group your friends in various lists. Creating list is time consuming affair but it offers lot of advantages. You have to create the list just once but the advantages are  forever. In my friend list I have bloggers, stock market traders and many other non Indian friends and I post on many topics. The list feature gives me the power to make my stock market or blogging related posts visible to my traders or bloggers friends only. This ensure that my posts are going in the news feed of my right friends only. The list feature also allows me to see all the posts of my bloggers and traders friends at one place.
To create list go to and click the create list button. Type the name for the list and add your friends. Click on create and you are done. This list of friends will enable you to limit the visibility of your posts.
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How to hide your personal information?
Do you know facebook uses your personal information on its ad network ? Do you know your facebook  profile information is also indexed in search engines ? If you want to stop this go to the privacy settings and check the option “who can look me up?”  There you will get the option to restrict search engines from indexing your profile. Check this post if you wish to restrict facebook from using your personal information on ad network.

How to restrict apps?
Facebook allows third party apps on facebook. We use lot of apps on facebook and gives them lot of privileges. Depending on the permission settings, these apps can access your friend list and can also post on your behalf. Go to the privacy setting and click on apps to see what all apps are active in your facebook account. You can also directly go the the apps settings page by going to  From here you can change the permission settings of the apps and can also remove them.
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