12 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With RealPlayer

Surely you know all about RealPlayer’s excellence as a video player and organizer. But there are plenty of great capabilities you might not be aware of that make it much more than an average video player. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of 10 things you didn’t know you could do with RealPlayer.
1. Convert video formats
It’s well known that RealPlayer supports just about every video format available. Did you know that there’s a built-in free video converter that will easily convert your video files to any video format you choose, eliminating incompatibility issues when you want to watch videos on different devices. You can also convert videos to MP3 audio files, which is ideal for content in which the audio is more important than the visuals, such as educational videos or interviews. In essence, you’re converting video content into an audio podcast.
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2. Discover web videos
RealPlayer doesn’t just store and organize your content — you can use it to discover new videos, as well. The Web Videos feature delivers new and popular user-generated web videos directly to your RealPlayer app daily. You can download or bookmark the videos you like and save it in your RealPlayer video library with a single click. Additionally, RealPlayer Video Channels organizes content by genre, such as trending, music, travel, news, and more.
3. Create video and music playlists.
A playlist is a simple way to organize your media by any category you choose, such as genre, theme, or even mood. You can create a music playlist for a road trip featuring songs about travel, or a video playlist devoted to funny cat videos.
4. Search for videos online
If you want to find a specific video, use RealPlayer’s video search engine to scour the web for your favorite clips. These features are also available in RealPlayer Express for Windows 8, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store.
5. Transfer videos from computer to smartphone
If you have videos on your PC that you’d like to watch on your smartphone, RealPlayer makes the process simple, regardless of the video format. Simply connect the phone to your computer, open the RealPlayer library, and click on the phone icon. Hover your mouse over the video you want to move, select “Copy To,” and choose your mobile phone from the list provided. RealPlayer does the rest, and you’ll be able to watch mobile movies with the free RealPlayer for Android app.
6. Burn DVDs with RealPlayer Plus
Sometimes a DVD is the most convenient way to watch a video. You can use RealPlayer Plus to burn DVDs of your favorite online videos. You can even burn HD videos to standard DVDs, which you can then play on a Blu-ray player.
7. Burn music CDs 
Digital music is the mainstream, but there are situations where a CD is the best option. RealPlayer’s built-in CD burning software lets you burn CDs of your music files with just the click of a button. You can play audio CDs created with RealPlayer on any standard CD/DVD/Blu-ray player or on a PC.
8. Play MKV files
The free RealPlayer application will play most video file formats. If you upgrade to RealPlayer Plus you’ll get support for even more file types, including the increasingly popular MKV, which has become the go-to format for anime videos because of its support of fansubs (user-generated subtitles), multiple audio tracks (such as director’s commentary), chapters, and DVD-like interactive menus.
9. Save Facebook videos in the RealPlayer library
You might have known that you can share videos in your RealPlayer library with your Facebook friends. You can also connect RealPlayer to your Facebook account to watch and save the latest videos from your Facebook news feed.
10. Bookmark videos
While it’s easy to download videos to your computer using RealPlayer, we know video can take up a lot of storage space. You can use RealPlayer to bookmark videos like you bookmark your favorite content on social bookmarking sites. With the bookmark feature you’ll be able to easily find the videos in your RealPlayer library and access them when you are online.

11. Private mode
If you have a library full of videos that you’d prefer to keep others from seeing — such as more mature content that you’d like to hide from children — RealPlayer’s Private Video Mode will keep the files hidden behind a password protected wall. You can make existing videos private or use Private Mode to download online videos to a hidden folder. In Private Mode, RealPlayer automatically gives the videos anonymous file names.
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12. Free Android mobile app
We’re watching more and more video on our phones. RealPlayer’s free Android app is an all-in-one-player for videos as well as music and photos. A great option for Android phones, which often only let you access music, photos, and videos in different apps. The app includes YouTube video search and playback, and you can share content with your friends via Bluetooth, email, or text messaging. The RealPlayer Android app is available from the Google Play store.
Are you surprised about all the features found in RealPlayer? It really is more than just a video player. You can download the desktop app for free by visiting, the free Android version of RealPlayer by visiting Google’s Play Store, or RealPlayer Express from the Windows Store.
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