4 Ways to get your emails on Mobile via SMS

If you are the one who tend to be away from your computer a lot when important emails arrive , then getting emails alerts on mobile phone via SMS is going to be a very useful to you . There are many apps and online services which helps to forward your emails to your SMS inbox , some of them are free while some are not .

1. GSN SMS Notifier
GSN SMS Notifier is a Free E-mail To Phone Software that alerts you about new e-mails via SMS, directly to your cell phone. SMS delivery can be done via ICQ, Skype . You have to install it on your computer , it monitors your inbox for incoming emails. When one arrives, it sends a SMS to your mobile phone, notifying you of the sender, the subject and the first one to two lines of the email.
2. email to SMS Forwarding offers free email to SMS forwarding  , it has a robust spam filtering engine which ensure you get only those emails which are important not spams , It also lets you  reply to important messages using mobile phone. It can also be integrated to Microsoft Outlook . When you create a new account, you will get a new email address, for example  You have to auto forward your emails to that new email address  which will again get forward your sms inbox .
3. an Indian site which lets you connect your emails to your mobile. Set auto forward a copy from email to your mobee ID. mobee processes all your received emails on your mobee email ID and sends you as SMS to your mobile.The free service forwards 5 emails a day .
4. MyToday provides free, instant, e-mail alert notifications via SMS in India . To use the service,Send an SMS to 575758 with the following text MAIL START <your city name> For example: MAIL START DELHI The next step is to login to your e-mail account and set an autoforwarder that sends every incoming mail to 91<ur 10 digit mob. no.>
Now whenever any e-mail arrives in your inbox, your mail provider will forward a copy of it to mytoday, and they’ll in turn send it to you immediately through SMS.
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