3 Ways to Save your Facebook Chat History

We chat everyday with our friends online . Sometimes we need to know what we have chat with our friend in the past . Then comes the use of chat history . Most of instant messengers like gtalk , yahoo , gmail etc provides the option of saving the chat history .Facebook lacks this feature . I don’t know why facebook doesn’t allows to save chat history . With the use of some extensions and addons from Chrome and firefox and a facebook app you  can save the chat history .
1. Facebook Chat History Manager for Mozilla Firefox
Add this addon to your firefox browser and you will be able to view your chat history anytime either online or offline. After you have installed this addon restart firefox to activate it .Now follow these steps to configure it .
Goto Tools –>Facebook Chat History Manager –>Get Facebook ID
Now you need to login to your facebook account whose history you want to save . You need to allow access to  this application to your facebook account .After you have allowed access  ,your facebook id will pop up like below  . Make a note of your facebook ID .

Now go to Tools –>Facebook Chat History Manager –>Create Account
enter your facebook id which you have got in the above step and a easy to remember password of your choice  , then click on ” Create ”  button .

After you have completed the above step you can now view chat history by going to
Tools –>Facebook Chat History Manager –>View History

2. Facebook Chat History Manager for Google Chrome
This is an easy to use extension for Google Chrome users . With the use of this extension You can view your chat history anytime either online or offline. To configure this on chrome
Go to Chrome Extension> FBCHM options and click on Get Facebook ID.
Rest all configuration steps are same as Firefox steps
3. Facebook Chat History Manager app
If you dont want to integrate any add on or extensions to your browser then you can directly use this facebook Chat history Manager app in your facebook account
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